Week Tutorial Prerequisites
09 Introduction
Exploring archaeological data
10 Exploring data with R Evergreen notes
Install R on your computer
11 Visualising distributions The Role of Visualization in Exploratory Data Analysis
12 Visualising relationships The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, ch. 4, 5 & 6
13 Summary statistics Quantifying Archaeology, ch. 4
Working with archaeological data
14 Importing and transforming data Data Organization in Spreadsheets
15 Spring vacation
16 Data analysis workflows Computational Reproducibility in Archaeological Research: Basic Principles and a Case Study of Their Implementation
17 Replication Workshop I When the World’s Population Took Off
One paper to be replicated
18 Replication Workshop II
Modelling archaeological data
19 Hypothesis testing Quantifying Archaeology, ch. 5 & ch. 6
21* Regression Quantifying Archaeology, ch. 8 & ch. 9
22 Multivariate analysis

* Substitute instructor